SENGUNTHAR PBLIC SCHOOL came into existence in Tharamangalam during the year 2014.

The school is run by Sengunthar kalvi kazhagam, Tharamangalam,to promote value based skill oriented quality education with spiritual literary and scientific progress of the student community system of education.

C.C.E Continuous comprehensive evaluation.

Education is an integrated and holistic process and CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) of has recommended the scheme of continuous and comprehensive valuation based on the recommendations of various commissions

Its objectives are

  • 1. To reduce the psychological stress of pass fail system
  • 2. To have a holistic approach in evaluation.
  • 3. To explore and evaluate scholastic and non-scholastic aspects.
  • 4. To face the challenges in competitive world and to emerge out successfully.

Sengunthar Group of Institutions